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Paill Spectrum


Erasmus Erasmus : The Paill Spectrum represents a new theory about human disease. The theory points to this new condition causing substantial human behavioural changes and substantial illness in the human host population.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Paill Spectrum Symptoms include:
Road Rage patients and other people displaying impulsive violence may indeed not be normal. Episodes of anger, irritability, aggression, and possible violence, as may be seen in “Road Rage, are common in Paill Spectrum illness.

Marriages break-up, Domestic Violence occurs, and many people get hurt in many different ways. 
Patients with the “Rage” will often have poor memory, attacks of jitters and panics, impulsive behaviour, and will display poor judgement.

Erasmus Erasmus : Although there are behavioural symptoms, there are physical symptoms of this illness as well.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Symptoms can be very variable.  Some people have almost no symptoms at all, (or else nothing that they recognize as symptoms). 

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : To Elaborate:
Chronic fatigue: Fatigue: can be frank tiredness or just sleeping more or being achy/ painy / unwell. Paill Spectrum is a common infectious disease- a common cause of tiredness.  It is perhaps one of the most common causes of tiredness existing.
If you sleep more than the average person of your age, you are probably infected with Paill Spectrum.

The tiredness affects some people so much that, it will stop people working, will stop them enjoying life.  Just surviving not thriving.
Once people are on treatment, they are no longer so sick and tired, on a day to day basis.  They can work better and can function better.

Loss of Balance: Standing balance and moving (dynamic) balance is affected.
Sweaty Palms: hands feel moist to touch
(The condition an also affect the soles of the feet).

Chest and elbow pain: The pain occurs predominantly in the epicondyles mimicking golfers elbow or tennis elbow, but there are related musculo-tendinous junction pains as well, for related reasons.

Dyslexic Language Problems: swapping letters or numbers in words or phone numbers is common.

Chest Wall pains often diagnosed in hospital outpatients as “not” being due to a heart attack. The pains are usually short sharp and stabbing in nature but often associate with rib-sternal junctional tenderness.



Most Psychiatric syndromes have no recognised cause. There is no abnormal receptor. There is no abnormal gene. There is no identified reason why these diseases may affect a specific person.

The Paill Spectrum Model proposes that illness occurs due to the progression of disease/infection. Immune dysfunctions mediated by nutritional deficiencies are the most important factors likely to make you become ill.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : To summarise, we propose that people are affected by psychiatric syndromes because there is something wrong with their immune functions and this is usually related to nutritional deficiencies.

Genetics is important to the extent that the tendency to nutritional problems such as non-coeliac wheat allergy is determined by the presence of specific immune response genes.

Coeliac patients have two specific genes that predispose them to this condition. Normal patients have None of these genes. The group of patients with a single coeliac predisposing gene are unlikely to develop Coeliac disease, but they do not have fully normal responses to gluten. They form a group of people covering approximately 1/3 of the population who develop deficiencies of B12, Folate, Zinc , Iron and Protein to a variable extent, predisposing them to the progression of Paill Spectrum illness and the development of Psychiatric conditions.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Patients suffer from:
Autism Aspergers
Learning Disorders
Body Dysmorphism such as Anorexia or psychosexual disorientation problems. Because they have a Paill Spectrum based injury affecting brain structure and brain function, the changes affect behaviour.

Fibromyalgia is a common physical presentation of Paill Spectrum illness.
Everything happens for a reason.




Erasmus Erasmus : Everything happens for a reason.

Learn more about the Paill Spectrum family of diseases.
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Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Achy painy Tired or irritable have lot in common.
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